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Application and characteristics of vertical cartoning machine | cartoning machine manufacturers

تطبيق وخصائص آلة التغليف الكرتوني العمودي | آلة التغليف الكرتوني مصنعين

18 مايو 2021

The vertical cartoning machine includes two models: semi-automatic cartoning machine and automatic cartoning machine, and can choose continuous or intermittent cartoning according to production requirements. The cartoning speed is 30-140 boxes/min.

The vertical cartoning machine is suitable for automatic feeding and cartoning of pharmaceutical aluminum-plastic plates, bottles, daily cosmetics and similar items. The feeding machine mechanism is easy to adjust, and the number of plates to be boxed can be set arbitrarily on the operation screen. Vertical cartoning machine online material conveying and testing, manual folding (1-4 folds) and transmission, manual detection, carton suction forming and conveying, material entering the box, printing batch number, paper tongue packaging at both ends of the carton (also available Applicable hot melt machine) The process of material shortage elimination and finished product output are all completed automatically. The vertical cartoning machine can also be used alone or in conjunction with pillow packaging machines and other equipment to form a complete production line.

Features of vertical cartoning machine:
1. PLC automatic control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, electrical components are all adopted.
2. The vertical cartoning machine adopts a man-machine interface operating system.
3. Automatic shutdown protection device for mechanical over-cutting.
4. Automatically reject cartons lacking packaging and instructions.
5. Fault display, alarm and finished product count.
6. Stable performance, simple and convenient operation.
7. Servo feeding can be suitable for feeding various specifications of aluminum-plastic medicine board.